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Native American Prophecy part II

part 6 has footage from the longest walk in 2008 to the white house.Hear Dennis Banks, the co-founder of teh American Indian Movement  speak.


Native American Prophecy

A Native American Elder talks about the evolution of time, how it evolves. There is first a purification time and then a renewal time – we are getting close to this time. He talks about how America is dying from within, because the instructions for how to live on earth have been forgotten, he talks about prophecies, the spirit world, the sacredness of every-thing, mans problems and the lack of spiritual connection with earth. Everything has a spirit and was brought here by the creator. We are ALL one family. The Native Americans say that when Columbus came, that was the first world war. By the time of the 2nd world war, there were only 800,000 Native Americans left, from 60 MILLION. I love this video and the other subsequent parts…





Peru, Land Of The Inca

Peru – a multicultural nation. This country has everything the planet has to offer, all the micro climates and all the regions – stunning coastlines, highlands, jungle, rainforest, lakes, green as well as snow covered mountains, canyons, palm trees, waterfalls, swamps, deserts, the Andes – Pacific beaches up to the snow line. Peru – ancient, mysterious, stunning. Soaring peaks and carved valleys lead the way to THE bucket list topper: Machu Pichu…..

A diverse range of animals are to be found in Peru from monkeys, seals, cheetahs and other big cats, butterflies, frogs, llamas, exotic birds, butterflies and frogs, flamingos. A diverse food and drink menu is available traditional style. Partake in extreme sports, hiking, bike tours, skiing, white water rafting, horse riding, shamanic workshops and retreats drinking the sacred brew Ayahuasca or the cactus San Pedro. My mum and I have both drunk Ayahuasca in Brasil, and my Mum also went to Peru to go on a 6 week Shamanic workshop with San Pedro, Peru is steeped in rich history, tradition and customs. Visit Historical ruins shrouded in mystery and magic, witness tribal ceremonial dances to customary dances such as the Alcatraz. Vibrant city life with a busy night life to more humble indigenous dwellings – In Peru you can find just about everything that takes your interest and that inspires you. And it’s so cheap once you’re there!

Peru is also home to a UNESCO world heritage site – The Nazca Lines in southern Peru are a group of pre-Columbian geoglyphs etched into the desert sands. Covering an area of nearly 1,000 sq. kilometers, there are around 300 different figures, including aliens, animals and plants. Composed of over 10,000 lines, some of which measure 30 meters wide and stretch more than 9 kilometers, the figures are most visible from the air or nearby hilltops.

In fact, just watch the video to be inspired!



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Hope – visions of Willy Whitefeather

Although first posted on youtube almost a decade ago, this animated short visual film you are about to see is a story of self fulfilling prophecy and rings true to this day and all time. The story of man going down the wrong path, with one day the possibility of finding the path of peace and love. What we are seeing around the world with wars, genocide, diseases, climate change such as global warming, and potential earth changes that have been foretold by many seers and indigenous peoples. We must shift to the good and right path, without hesitation. It’s sad that the leaders of the world seem to have no intention of doing so however. Nothing much has changed in teh last decade. It seems the more awareness (light) there is, there is always as much darkness to try and counteract it….