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Native American Prophecy part II

part 6 has footage from the longest walk in 2008 to the white house.Hear Dennis Banks, the co-founder of teh American Indian Movement  speak.


Native American Prophecy

A Native American Elder talks about the evolution of time, how it evolves. There is first a purification time and then a renewal time – we are getting close to this time. He talks about how America is dying from within, because the instructions for how to live on earth have been forgotten, he talks about prophecies, the spirit world, the sacredness of every-thing, mans problems and the lack of spiritual connection with earth. Everything has a spirit and was brought here by the creator. We are ALL one family. The Native Americans say that when Columbus came, that was the first world war. By the time of the 2nd world war, there were only 800,000 Native Americans left, from 60 MILLION. I love this video and the other subsequent parts…





Peru, Land Of The Inca

Peru – a multicultural nation. This country has everything the planet has to offer, all the micro climates and all the regions – stunning coastlines, highlands, jungle, rainforest, lakes, green as well as snow covered mountains, canyons, palm trees, waterfalls, swamps, deserts, the Andes – Pacific beaches up to the snow line. Peru – ancient, mysterious, stunning. Soaring peaks and carved valleys lead the way to THE bucket list topper: Machu Pichu…..

A diverse range of animals are to be found in Peru from monkeys, seals, cheetahs and other big cats, butterflies, frogs, llamas, exotic birds, butterflies and frogs, flamingos. A diverse food and drink menu is available traditional style. Partake in extreme sports, hiking, bike tours, skiing, white water rafting, horse riding, shamanic workshops and retreats drinking the sacred brew Ayahuasca or the cactus San Pedro. My mum and I have both drunk Ayahuasca in Brasil, and my Mum also went to Peru to go on a 6 week Shamanic workshop with San Pedro, Peru is steeped in rich history, tradition and customs. Visit Historical ruins shrouded in mystery and magic, witness tribal ceremonial dances to customary dances such as the Alcatraz. Vibrant city life with a busy night life to more humble indigenous dwellings – In Peru you can find just about everything that takes your interest and that inspires you. And it’s so cheap once you’re there!

Peru is also home to a UNESCO world heritage site – The Nazca Lines in southern Peru are a group of pre-Columbian geoglyphs etched into the desert sands. Covering an area of nearly 1,000 sq. kilometers, there are around 300 different figures, including aliens, animals and plants. Composed of over 10,000 lines, some of which measure 30 meters wide and stretch more than 9 kilometers, the figures are most visible from the air or nearby hilltops.

In fact, just watch the video to be inspired!



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A still birth, a cesarean and a HWBA2C – part V

Many wounds were healed within me as I held Inky in my arms, I didn’t sleep that first night in hospital after she was born. I was soooo elated. I finally knew and FELT the meaning of the expression ‘I felt like all my Christmases had come at once.’ I stayed a further night in hospital because of my c-section, and again, I could hardly sleep because I had that excited feeling in my tummy like when your’e a kid and you just can’t sleep because something really exciting is going to happen. Though I had one of those cots that attach to the hospital bed, my girly still ended up snuggled right up next to me and I couldn’t get enough of looking at her face when she was asleep. I knew I should try and sleep but that’s impossible when the best thing ever has happened to you and you’re floating on cloud 9…. I was worried when the midwife came to see me on her rounds, she would tell me off, as according to ‘official’ advice co-sleeping is so unsafe (yeah right). However, when she did stop by I was already apologising for having my baby in bed with me, she actually ENCOURAGED me to co-sleep and said it was the safest and best place for a baby to be! Nuff said.

My mums boyfriend actually paid for me to stay in a private room at my request. I wanted these moments all to myself, not interrupted by the cries of other babies, lol. Nor didn’t I want to potentially witness anyone who had had a baby and was unhappy. Believe me, I’ve met a few people like that in my life, and it breaks my heart. If women who didn’t appreciate/love/want their babies / saw them as an inconvenience, actually knew the heart ache of still birth they may perhaps appreciate and SEE the miracle a baby is.

I was released pout of hospital after 2 nights and I felt so proud leaving hospital with my girly, her first car ride. My Mum picked us up. I was so elated to be going home with my live, healthy baby. It was like teh most amazing dream come true. Ever. On top of that, I was somewhat surprised and happy that I hardly felt any pain from surgery at all. I didn’t even have to take co-deine like last time with J. Just 6 days of paracetamol instead of the recommended 10. I didn’t even have morphine like last time with J. The natural high, the baby moon, the endorphin’s coursing through me were my medicine. My gorgeous, perfect daughter cleansed my soul and restored my heart and my faith that amazing things could still happen to me. I breastfed my little girly for years and co-slept with her. I never thought I’d ever have another baby. I didn’t ever want to risk it again. I couldn’t deal with losing another baby now that I knew what it felt like to love my own living flesh and blood. I thought I’d always be content with it being just Inky and I forever… But then I didn’t know that I would fall in love with THE best man in the world when Inky was 5, and that we would actually have another baby…. nearly 3 years later, when Inky was 8….

A still birth, a cesarean and a HWBA2C – PART 1

A still birth, a cesarean and a HWBA2C part IV

I can’t fault the NHS with the care I had during and after my 2nd pregnancy, but I DIDNT WANT IT. I just done it because I was scared. I felt powerless and like I had no control over what was being done to my body. Like I had to listen to the system that was responsible for damaging my soul and killing my first born in the first place. However, like I said I cant fault the care and attention I received with my second pregnancy. I have to add that it felt surreal feeling paralyzed from the waist down during the c-section, yet feeling  things going on. I must confess that I was so nervous about the cesarean that when I glanced over my shoulder and they were coming at me from behind with this big fat needle when I was sat on the operating table, legs dangling down, that I actually jumped straight off it and said ‘F*** this I’m going home’, but my Mum managed to calm me. I hadn’t slept the night before, I was petrified of something going wrong and this baby dying too. I was also super duper hungry (not allowed to eat before surgery – apparently its unusual for anyone to be hungry whilst being operated on, but I kept saying I was hungry lol). My mind was racing and I was physically shaking. She told me to think about my Grandad, whom I had loved so much and who had passed away exactly 3 weeks ago, and my beloved Maxi horse and J… I actually found inner peace from somewhere and calmed right down as I looked in to my Mums eyes. Then I just let it all happen to me. I even had my own playlist of songs.  Before I had the c-section I asked a friend who had had one as well how it felt – she likened it to the feeling of someone rummaging around in your handbag whilst its still hung on your shoulder. Spot on. At one point I remember hearing something like the sound of scissors cutting through my abdomen and even said jokingly that it sounded like scissors – they are scissors I was told. I remember my Mum suddenly shouting kind of excitedly that she could see my insides! ‘So you love me inside out now Mum’ I said jokingly. When they lifted my baby out I remember Mum tearfully announcing that the baby was a girl… WOW.  When Mum passed her to me, I was overjoyed to finally hold my beautiful girl and look at her sweet, gorgeous, animated, alive face. It took me a while to get her latched on to my breast for her first ever feed – looking back I’m sure it was because of all the drugs pumping around my system that had passed in to her…. my 6lbs 7oz little wonder girl. My constant companion for the last 38 weeks 🙂 The little person I already knew so well and whos life was so precious to me   ♥

A still birth, a cesarean and a HWBA2C part V

A still birth, a cesarean and a HWBA2C – back to part 1

A still birth, a cesarean and a HWBA2C part III

Upon returning from Brazil I started dating someone for a couple of months, but it fizzled out. I hadn’t really thought about my period in weeks and suddenly realised it was late…. I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. I was terrified. The sad thing is, being one of 5 siblings I’d always thought having a baby was pretty straight forward. My Mum had us all naturally. She did have an ectopic pregnancy in 1989 and lost her left tube, but still want on to have 2 more healthy baby’s. Little did I know that I too would have an ectopic pregnancy this year February, and also have a tube removed. You can read more about that HERE … back to my story though. Like I said I was terrified. I would never have planned to have another baby ever again after my first experience, but I also knew that if I ever did fall pregnant I would have that little baby and hopefully nothing bad would happen to me or them and if everything turned out OK this time, I couldn’t even picture how overjoyed I’d be. Even thinking about hospitals produced such fear and anxiety in me and I was so deathly afraid of ever going back to hospital that I wanted a home birth. One meeting with the consultant (a male who will of course never experience pregnancy let alone giving birth) and I changed my mind. He asked me if I was crazy and that the same thing could happen again as no cause had ever been found. I was instantly backed in to a corner, believing what he said and feeling like I had no control over my body and what I really wanted. He made me feel irresponsible for even thinking such things. I was 23 and very easily swayed, so I felt I had no choice but do what this man wanted. I had regular scans, blood tests, monitoring – all the things I just DIDN’T want and I DIDN’T realise WEREN’T mandatory. I was assigned the most lovely midwife, Lisa, who would be my ‘mentor’ the whole way and also would be present at the planned c-section mid September 2005….

My Mum was also there the whole time to support me, normally she questions everything, but as she had been present during my traumatic ordeal with my first born J, she said to go with what the hospital said. Also as the guy whom I had been dating was not interested in having a baby at this time in his life and it was me, my little bump, Mum and family supporting me. I So I was booked in first thing in the morning on a day in September 2005 to have a planned c-section, although every fibre in my body didn’t want it. But at the same time I just couldn’t wait to meet this little person, yet I was afraid of being cut opebnagain, the pain, the fear of loss…my heart and soul surely wouldn’t be able to take anymore bad things happening… I had countless check ups, monitors attached to me, blood tests etc. I done everything they asked…..

A still birth, a cesarean and a HWBA2C part IV

A still birth, a cesarean and a HWBA2C part I….


Upside down
Most of life is in reverse,
That’s why we think it’s all a curse.
Most of what we see is upside down,
That’s why we smile with a face of a clown.
Most things are the wrong way round,
Children are the teachers we have found.
Religion preaches we need their temple,
When we are in fact God; our wisdom ample.
Forced to go to school and learn some fact,
Not to use our imagination or how not to react,
That if we do not conform to the dictated regime,
We will be labelled crazy; they will attack our esteem.
Certificates at college are not required,
We need to get our own mission fired.
When we wake we are really asleep,
And when we dream back home we leap!
There is absolutely no such thing as death,
We are beings of light with limitless breath.
We are neither one sexuality nor the other,
In other lives I may have been your child or brother.
The question of discrimination over race, colour or tribe,
Is something personal and passionate for this scribe,
Those that choose the harder path,
Are the ones which have advanced; nearer the hearth.
There is nothing the outer world really can offer,
Other than to give you choice on which to hover.
We get all bogged down with what we find wrong,
Rather than just make a selection and sing the song.
The history that we have been taught is all a lie,
We have been conditioned by a false lullaby.
Our best teachers are the ones that drive us nuts,
Negative perspective puts our relationships in ruts.
The faults we find in another,
Are really ours we do discover.
We are not alone in the universe at all,
Really, life only on our own little ball!
Feeling alone, abandoned and separated,
All an illusion as angels are designated.
We are slaves to the machine of the one percent,
Forgetting we have the divine power of intent.
We imprison those that have had the hardest ride,
And allow the uncompassionate bankers a free slide.
As it stands the left hemisphere brain is respected,
And the poet, dancer, musicians secondary or rejected.
Material possessions celebrated as a form of achievement,
While not guiding our children inward for perceivement.
We evaluate, categorise and label each other with a value,
When we all came here with the same dream to pursue,

Which was that I would ♥ you and you would ♥ me too.

As above so below,
Look around I don’t think so.
Let’s make a mighty effort to change our dimension,
This is the tipping point for humanity, did I mention?
We are all needed more than at any time before,
To help the Angels create here on Gaia, Universal law.

Deryn Camille de temple 23rd May 2014



Kinetic Sculptures

A psychedelic-free mind-blow! I would love to have this in my garden. Imagine how chilled you would be sitting in that garden for a while, gazing at the sculptures. How long before you’d switch off the internal dialogue and start ‘meditating’….. lost for words at the sheer beauty and talent that created this – Anthony Howe 


Edward Curtis – a timeless document of North American Indians


A timeless document of North American Indians

Edward Curtis undertook one of the greatest photographic odysseys ever when he set out to document North American Indians in the early 20th century. His work now fetches record prices but he died in obscurity. From 2013

Posted by The Economist on Saturday, 9 January 2016

Edward Sheriff Curtis was born on the 16th February 1868 on a farm in Wisconsin USA. He left school during 6th grade (11 or 12 years old), and soon built his own camera. At age 17 he became an  apprentice photographer.  After the family moved to Seattle, Washington, Edward purchased a new camera and became a partner in an existing photographic studio with Rasmus Rothi. After six or so months, Curtis left Rothi and formed a new partnership with Thomas Guptill. The new studio was called Curtis and Guptill, Photographers and Photoengravers. From here his career snowballed – in 1895, Curtis met and photographed Princess Angeline a.k.a. Kickisomlo, the daughter of Chief Sealth of Seattle. This was to be his first portrait of a Native American and the start of his path to becoming THE photographer of the American West and of Native American peoples. Edward Curtis undertook one of the greatest photographic odysseys ever when he set out to document North American Indians in the early 20th century. His work now fetches record prices but he died in obscurity….

Curtis’ goal was not just to photograph, but to document, as much of Native American traditional life as possible before that way of life disappeared. He wrote in the introduction to his first volume in 1907: “The information that is to be gathered … respecting the mode of life of one of the great races of mankind, must be collected at once or the opportunity will be lost.” Curtis made over 10,000 wax cylinder recordings of Native American language and music. He took over 40,000 photographic images from over 80 tribes. He recorded tribal lore and history, and he described traditional foods, housing, garments, recreation, ceremonies, and funeral customs. He wrote biographical sketches of tribal leaders, and his material, in most cases, is the only written recorded history although there is still a rich oral tradition that documents history. This work was exhibited at the Rencontres d’Arles festival (France) in 1973.  more – Wikipedia info 

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