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Leonardo DiCaprio Stands with Great Sioux Nation

Leonardo DiCaprio Stands With Great Sioux Nation to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline

The campaign to oppose the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline continues to gain steam with Leonardo DiCaprio and actors from the upcoming Justice League film joining the cause.
Dakota Access—a subsidiary of Texas-based  Energy Transfer Partners LP—has proposed a $3.7 billion, 1,168-mile pipeline that will transfer up to 570,00 barrels of crude oil per day from theNorth Dakota Bakken region through South Dakota and Iowa into Illinois.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Stands with Great Sioux Nation

Leo is just amazing. He uses his fame and money to do good in the world, especially for Native Americans and wildlife. I’ve always been a big fan of his. Ever since I saw Romeo and Juliet when it first came out. I’ve always liked that he’s such a private man and there’s never been bad press about him. Well, not that I’ve read anyway. I ♥ him!


Leonardo DiCaprio donates $15million to environmental causes