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Around day 22 after surgery I took my Mums dalmatian for a brisk hour and a half walk alone. It was lovely to be out in the woods but by that evening I had severe lower back ache. Like a band of pain that went round into my belly! I had to take a painkiller. I went to bed early hoping I would not wake up unable to walk, thats how bad it felt. Tummy cramps and feeling weak. 6 days later my first period. Not too bad – I was expecting heavy bleeding It was like a normal period! About a week after my first period ended I had 3 weeks of such bad pains, feeling constipated, like I had trapped wind, aching where my right tube should have been (felt like someone had punched me in there and then left their fist stuck in) and twinging in my left tube. Spasmodic pains and nausea fro 3 nights in a row toward the end of the 3rd week of pain. Then a whole night and day of burning tummy pain the whole area area below my belly button, tingly arms, legs, left shoulder/neck. Wondering if the couple of times we had had sex since the operation with a condom on had been with a faulty condom and I was somehow pregnant and experiencing another ectopic. That’s how bad I felt… well, last week Wednesday, the 6th April (exactly 2 month since my op) I took 2 pregnancy tests at home in the morning because I was so worried, both negative. But still didn’t trust that because of the pain I was having. Also hadn’t eaten for a day and a half as I couldn’t tolerate food, nor even drink coffee again! So my mum dropped me at A&E. Thought I’d go straight there as what would a GP be able to do anyway? Negative pregnancy urine test. Took my vitals. No temperature. Oh yes, I’d been convinced I had a temperature as for 3 nights – I was having hot and cold flushes but my thermometer didn’t work so I was just guessing I had one. Well, it turns out I didn’t! Must have been nerves. In my head my period was 1 day late (it was 29 days since my 1st post op period) and therefore I was very scared I had another ectopic… They also took bloods to check for signs of infection/appendicitis/ UTI’s/HCG levels. All fine. HCG 0. The first triage nurse I saw in A&E I broke down in to tears as I was/am so scared of ever having to go through an ectopic again. It was the most terrifying experience, apart from the still birth I had to go through. But being operated on and being scared I was going to die and leave behind 2 children was in a way worse 🙁 I realised then how traumatised I actually was! But once I’d had all the tests done and told I was OK, some of the pains went and I also realised that they weren’t caused, but were enhanced, by my fear. I had been analysing every little minute detail of my body and reading into it wayyy too much. I’m not berating myself, we need to be kind to ourselves after this kind of experience. It makes us more aware of our mortality, and gives us a new take on life. And guess what, the next day I got my period!

Today is the 15th April, and I have been taking organic Agnus Castus 1000mg capsules (I bought 100 on Amazon for just over £10) for 3 days now. Today is the first time I’ve woken up pain free. It has been a turbulent ride. The question now is, what form of contraception? I cannot tolerate the pill, I get miserable, spotty, moody and tired. Nor do i advocate its long term use due to known side effects.  My GP suggested the coil, but I came across this site www.ectopic.org.uk when looking for a support group. I did call them the day I went to A&E when I was freaking out, but there was a voice recording saying there were no operators available that day due to staff shortage! Anyway, on this website it says if you have had an ectopic pregnancy the coil is not recommended as it only prevents the egg embedding in the uterus, not in the fallopian tube. Therefore it could happen again! So now I am looking for a safe alternative. I am too scared to even contemplate ever trying for a baby again. I know the pregnancy wasnt planned but we would have welcomed that little baby with open arms. Even writing that brings a tear to my eye. I love my babys and it makes me sad thinking about the rupture 🙁

A couple other things – my right stitches came out after 10 days. my left after 14. the belly ones didn’t come out for 6 weeks. I did phone the hospital after 3 weeks as I was worried because on my paperwork although it said no follow up required, it also said stitches should come out after 10-14 day. I spoke to a nurse and she said the stitches can actually take many weeks to come out. I used my Nans sauna and the stitches in my belly suddenly became so loose where I was sweating – haha – that I got some scissors and cut through them and they came out easily.They had become rather tight and were weeping where they went in to the skin. Even now after almost 10 weeks there is one little pin prick hole left over from teh surgery that is still weeping slightly, and when I squeeze a small amount of white stuff comes out. I told the Dr in hospital last week and she said its normal. It doesn’t look infected or anything, but I’m guessing it’s where the camera went in, as my belly button is a little sore now it finally has some feeling back in it. Thinking about the weeks of bruising I had without feeling when touching the belly button area, there must still be a lot of healing going on. If you are going through this, don’t discredit it. Just because the surgical wounds look small, who knows what it looks like beneath the surface. Plus the gas they use to inflate the tummy…And though we were put to sleep to have surgery, I’m sure on a cellular level our bodies must know exactly what happened and there has to be trauma. Love yourself, love your body. Don’t berate yourself for how you feel. Allow yourself to feel. Easier said than done, I know. But try. I DID berate myself. Thinking it can’t be normal to feel like this so many weeks later. Its MAJOR surgery.

Oh, I also still have on and off pain down below. Sometimes it feels like its right up the top of the cervix or womb 🙁 sometimes its a burning pain. But again, since taking http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-agnus-castus.html Agnus Castus I have been feeling so much better <3

They also took pics of my insides before and after surgery. They asked if I was squeamish. I said no and looked at the pictures. Saw the exploded tube and blood around it. Then the after picture where all the blood was gone etc. I also signed some paper work to cremate what they found and give it a blessing. thought that was a nice touch.

I’ve had a funny appetite for weeks. I mentioned somewhere before that I couldn’t drink coffee for 2 weeks. Also craved coconut water, smoothies and juices made by my mum and fruit and veg. Wheat made me feel bloated and I couldn’t tolerate too many sweets or spicy foods like normal.

Anyways, this is my very personal experience. I’m sure there are those who hardly suffered after. What surprised me is that the first 6 weeks or so were relatively ‘easy’. Then after 6 weeks those horrendous pains. Like a living nightmare. I write this to not only keep it as a form of public diary, but also to reach out to all the other women who have been through this.



As I said, Sam had left Brian at my Dads and Kates where he had inevitably fallen asleep in the lounge downstairs at such a late time of night. Sam was meant to be sleeping at home with Brian so I didn’t hear him wake and potentially cry, asking for me. He is only 2 and is still breastfed. On top of that we co-sleep. I didn’t know if I’d be able to stay away from him if he was calling for me. Also, I didn’t want to breastfeed until the next day in the evening, after expressing out the first lot of ‘hospital’ milk. However, it all worked out fine. Sam slept in teh lounge with Brian, who actually only woke once in the night at my Dads. I heard him call mummy a couple of time and Sam settled him in less than a minute. He didn’t even cry. I couldn’t believe he practically slept through the night with Sam. Never done that with me. Slightly jealous….only joking 😉

As the boys slept in the lounge peacefully, I was meant to be sleeping getting my owm peaceful rest upstairs, but just couldn’t. Not because I was in pain. No pain, not even labour, I don’t think could hurt as much as the week of pain I had to endure before self diagnosing. I think I couldn’t sleep because I still had a bunch of hospital drugs exiting out of my system. I was also buzzing with joy that I was alive and home. Well, at my Dad’s, but still practically home. In the wee hours of the morning, after sleeping from half past midnight until half past 2, I decided to see if my friend in Australia was about to chat on line on my phone. She was. So we spent a couple hours chatting via facebook. I only ended up sleeping from 5-7am!

What I haven’t yet mentioned is the pain in the right shoulder after key-hole surgery. The gases apparently get trapped under the diaphragm and have to work their way out. So they work their way up, then back down and out. Lots of foul smelling wind and bowel movements. Sorry to be so blunt, but there’s not really any other way of describing it. Sunday morning after my 2 hour sleep, I had such bad pain in my shoulder I thought they had somehow messed up in hospital and that this was acute shoulder tip pain that is associated with ectopic pregnancy and they had not taken the tube out correctly. I fidgeted around in bed, shoulder in pain until around 11am when my Dad and Kate served up a lush full english. I hadn’t let on to Brian that I was there until about 1045. I could hear him from about 8am chatting sweetly with Sam in his cute, adorable toddler voice that hasn’t yet fully mastered the English (or German – we are a bilingual family) language. Ahhh, bliss right there (if it wasn’t for the darned shoulder pain), hearing my men, knowing Inky was happy staying at my Mums, being alive, bedroom window open, looking out on tall trees and beautiful blue sky, cool air stroking my face. Breakfast went down better than the fish and chips the previous night, but I still wasn’t up to my usual eating capacity. In the 8 days leading up to surgery my appetite had gotten progressively less anyway, and the last 3/4 days before I hardly even ate because of the whole tummy ache/diarrhea thing.
The next day after surgery I was buzzing and happy to be alive. Then the next day, on the Monday morning, I became really overwhelmed by what had happened and broke down in tears in the morning. From then on I had 3 days of being up and down emotionally. Hormones I guess and post op lack of sleep. Since then I have been entirely fine emotionally, but am still healing physically. As a very active person always out with the kids, flitting from activity to activity, play date to playdate, I found it incredible how my body made me to slow down and rest. Lots of sofa days and films. Luckily Inky got taken to most of her usual activities by friends. Sam had the first week after the op off to help me, especially looking after Brian so I could get some rest.

IT HAS NOW BEEN 10 WEEKS TOMORROW – below are some bits I’d like to include and also to update you, the reader, about how I’m feeling physically and emotionally after just over 2 months….

For the first 2 weeks I had to take a lot of paracetamol to dim the pain! Even after my cesarean with Inky I had only taken them for a week, and don’t remember being in so much pain! However, after the cesarean I had with my still born son 15 years ago, I had mega pain for ages. I’m positive how we feel emotionally effects the pain we have….It took ages to be able to walk as far as I normally would. The first 2 weeks even walking around a supermarket I would get so weak. My right leg (the one on the side where the tube got removed) would start lagging behind a bit and I would proper slow down. Couldn’t have coffee for 2 weeks because I would get light headed and feel like I was going to faint or get a panic attack. My pubic bone felt like it had been hit with a sledge hammer. When looking in mirror could see bruising over my pubic area, as well as my right hip being surrounded with bruises! It was tender to touch. Its still slightly sore now after 10 weeks! I had severe bruising below my belly button, which went through every shade of blue, purple, green and yellow imaginable. It took 7 weeks to fully fade! As did the bruising around right hip bone, which went through these varying shades. After 1 week out of hospital Brian and I came down with flu or something which lasted for 7 weeks! Think being in hospital lowered my immune system so much I got very ill – I NEVER get ill! Brian was not able to breathe through his nose properly at night for weeks and was coughing. For several nights he had a temperature. He was waking around 5 or 6 (sometimes more ) a night for a feed and some nights I had to get up with him and sit on the sofa. When he’s ill he wants me, not Daddy. On top of that I started carrying him again around 6 weeks after surgery. One day I felt so well I carried him on a one and a half hour walk with Inky, my Mum and her dalmatian Shadow. It was a sunny day and Brian wasn’t up for walking but I had to get out. I totally over did it that day.




By Ina Woolcott, home educating mummy of 2……

On February 6th 2016, I had an ectopic pregnancy and had to have my right fallopian tube removed. I also had internal bleeding because the tube/embryo burst. They sucked all the blood up during surgery, roughly 1 and a half pints – 750 ml – cleaned it up and put it back in me through a drip.

So… the symptoms of my ectopic actually started 8 days before I had key hole surgery on a Friday. I think the 29th January. The night it started one of my good friends stayed over with her 2 kids who are a similar age to my Inky (10) and Bri (2). Her daughter is 10 like Ink, her little boy not a year yet. We’d been out for a day trip to Fishers Farm. It was a wonderful, happy day with my sister and her son, lots of fellow home educators and happy kids. Air full of good vibes and happiness.

After we got home around 7pm, I still had to cook dinner and by 22:30 I was shattered and in bed. I woke around 2 in the morning. My stomach was in excruciating pain. I hardly slept anymore that night, knees tucked up to tummy willing the pain to go away. Next day felt OK. I did mention to my friend how ill I had felt in the night… I soon forget and the day continued. I played host to everyone, which distracted me from any pain. Whilst i was talking to my friend, i realised my period was a week late. I put it down to having been so busy throughout December, Christmas, Brian’s 2nd Birthday, Sam’s birthday, visitors from abroad… Anyways, that night after my friend left, I still had heaps of wet washing to hang up, hoovering, mundane household chores before my neighbours came over for the first time ever. I felt ill but tried not to think about it by getting on with my 101 chores and focusing on the neighbours. Surely I wasn’t pregnant anyway… my period is normally one day late when I’m pregnant and I already start with the morning sickness. Plus I always FEEL pregnant. I just didn’t. Sunday day and night I felt OK. Monday and Tuesday I felt fine too. We were very busy Monday doing home eddy stuff, no time for much thinking. Met up with my old boss in Brighton on the Tuesday. Again, was so busy I pushed everything out of my mind. Tuesday night the kids and I stayed at my Nans’. Something we do once a week. My tummy felt a bit sore in the night, but I awoke with what I thought were the beginnings of my normal period, accompanied by acute tummy pain and an extremely upset stomach. In spite of the tummy ache I felt relieved and put it down to the build up of my period being late.

I actually took some paracetamol at my Nans and tried to carry on with my day as normal (must’ve been bad to take meds! Those who know me, know I’m well into homeopathy and would never deviate unless chronic). Thought I’d get fresh air and walked in to town from my Nans with the kids to grab a coffee and essentials from Waitrose and to meet my mum there. By the time we reached Waitrose I could hardly walk. Tears welled in my eyes because it was such a struggle. My Mum was like ‘you can’t cry in a supermarket Ina’. I pulled myself together and walked home with the kids. Brian on his scooter, me pulling him along on it. So thinking it was just a really messed up period went home and slept for 3 hours with Brian. Before I got in to bed with him, I went to the loo and realised there was just spotting on my sanitary pad, but as it had seemed to start in morning and was late, I still thought that that was the cause at this point. Felt ok-ish when I woke and carried on with my day as normally as I could. When it came to dinner, this literally went straight through me within 30 seconds. Really bad diarrhea. Decided to eat no more. Bed at 9 with Bri. Bad night sleep. Looked online around 4 in the morning because I was in such pain to see what I could find on how I was feeling. Tummy below belly button sore to the touch. Could only gently poke it before it felt painful. A thought entered my mind… – mum had had an ectopic when I was 6 years old, I still remember. She had to have her left tube removed and almost died because it was left too long. She was in hospital for 16 days. I still remember her not being there for what seemed like months and missing her terribly, worrying I wouldn’t get to see her again. Ectopic pregnancy stood out instantly. I had all the symptoms… but then i tried to push the idea out of my mind, if i thought about it too much I’d really scare myself.  Thursday I felt like s**t. I have a very high pain threshold. I think a lot of women do? Especially when you have been through child birth before? I did say to Inky at some point that I felt like my tummy was dying its own personal death :/ She looked after me so much, we watched films, she played with Brian and drew me pretty pictures. At one point I started crying because I felt so bad and Inky cuddled me. I apologised in case I was scaring her, but she said she’d rather know if something was wrong instead of not being told the whole truth…when had my little girly become so grown up … At 5pm that Thursday (4th February) I decided to call my GP as I was feeling progressively worse. She was too busy to see me, so called me back but says THERE’S NO WAY IT COULD BE AN ECTOPIC. But suggests pregnancy test nonetheless. Sam grabs me one on his way round and i pray that I’m not pregnant. Instant positive. Really??? I think to myself. But I don’t FEEL pregnant like I normally do. No, I tell myself I’m imagining things. As its already 19:30 and the surgery is obviously shut this time if day, I decide to sleep on it. Part of me wants to go to hospital now, another part thinks, am I just over-thinking it? Feeling really bad in the night, the constant pain has spread up to my rib cage. Legs tucked up again, laying there in the small hours of the morning going from extreme worry to non-worried states.