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Horrible Histories author slams schools as a factory to ‘pass exams’

A very well written, interesting article with many good points made my Terry Deary, author of the Horrible Histories series. We do love Horrible Histories in our home ed household! Inky has watched every episode of teh TV series going. There are 2 seasons available on Netflix. One of my home ed friends has also used Horrible Histories in our history group. The kids LOVE it. We have many Horrible Histories books in our ‘library’. We often go to charity shops to look for educational/non educational books.  Here are a couple of things Terry Deary has to say in the Argus article:

“Children, especially boys, love accumulating facts and finding out things they never knew,” says the best-selling author. “Generally non-fiction is written by experts, but I am not an expert of any sort, I am a children’s author. I have facts and I know how to pass them on and children just seem to have adopted them.”  (My daughter LOVES accumulating facts and finding out new things too….)

But while you would probably be able to track down a copy of one of the Horrible Histories in any primary school library in the country, Deary says he wants his books banned from schools.

“I do not write books for the classroom. Textbooks can continue to bore the pants off kids, I write entertainment for children which aim to create true education, preparing children for life,” he says. “They have nothing in common with textbooks. Schools like to tell me they use my books in the classroom; I say get them out, ban them from schools please.”

The author has been famously critical of the schooling system and nothing has changed as the government promote divisive plans to reinvent schools as academies.

“The whole schooling system is the idea of cramming 30 children into one room and treating them all as an individual unit, when you have a group of individuals,” he says. “It makes no difference if you call them academies or local authority schools, they are still just wasting children’s time teaching them things that they never use in their lives. They will still be just as bad whatever they do as it is a silly system.

“There are lots of alternatives around the world from home education – (I love that Deary mentions home education as the first alternative :p what a wise man ) to using computers; we need to start with a clean sheet and not fiddle with the existing failing system – you have to radically reinvent.”

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