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Easter craft activities and free printables

I know Christmas is just around the corner, let alone Easter, but as I am transferring things over from my old site I am doing so in alphabetical order!
There are many Easter activities to be found on the website below such as free printables, puzzles and crafts http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/easter.htm

easter egg made out of scrunched up tissue paper:

easter egg

easter egg decs

We have tried this one out, including putting the sweets in. It was very hard (yet fun) work.

Also for more free printables, crafts like egg dyeing, bunny crafts, egg crafts as well as creative easter snacks visit http://familycrafts.about.com/od/eastercrafts/a/Easter-Crafts-and-Activities.htm

Do I Need To Be A Qualified Teacher To Home Educate

In a word – NO!

It can be a big decision whether to home educate. Parents choosing to home school their children know from the get go that this is a big responsibility. Home schooling means total involvement. For home schooling parents, the task of helping their children to learn is hardly ever a burden though.

Just as parents help their offspring to learn to walk, talk, eat, get dressed, brush teeth etc by acting as a role model and providing guidance, home schooling is a natural progression when providing the now older child with tools and resources to read, write, count, add, subtract etc. It can be said that the best teachers for children are those that love them the most and are so familiar with and respect their individual way of learning. Parents who have the time and patience (although this doesn’t always come easy but is learned and expanded on along the way) to give their undivided attention, unless of course other siblings are being home schooled. Children that are given the freedom to follow their own interests, to delve into topics that interest them and have some say in how and what they learn, develop into eager and effective learners.

Those that home school are doing what the good teachers out there wish they could do but cant, as classes are often over full, there is not enough time for everyone. Most teachers will agree that the children, who do well in school, are those whose parents are more involved in their education or are naturally good academically

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Benefits of Home Schooling

* Children are taught by their parents who know (and of course love) them the best.
* There is a lot more time to spend together as a family.
* More time to pursue subjects that aren’t taught in public schools.
* Children are able to learn at their own pace, as much time as needed can be spent on a given subject.
* Children will be able to focus and concentrate better without disruptive classmates.
* More outdoors time which is healthier than being in a classroom for most of the  day.
* A sense of responsibility and values is instilled as children (hopefully 🙂 )help out with running the day to day household such as washing up, drying up, laundry, cooking, tidying and helping out with younger siblings
* Life skills are learned in a natural way as more time is spent with adults
* Family bonds are  deepened
* There is more time for non-academic pursuits such as art, astronomy or music, and things like reading, drawing and watching movies, which Inky loves to do,
* Children will feel more responsible as they help design their own education.
* Rather than always ask their teacher for help and who generally doesn’t have much time for much one on one, children will be able to seek alternative assistance from various other sources and ask their parents for help.
* Rather than working for external satisfaction (as in teachers) they can work for internal satisfaction. This helps build them in to confident and happy beings.
* Children will learn to judge the quality of their own work, rather than their teacher doing it for them. They aren’t just trying to satisfy the teacher.
* As there is no risk of being embarrassed in front of fellow classmates or being criticized by the teacher, children will be more outspoken and creative.
* There will be less peer pressure to grow up quickly.
* There will be an immediate response to a child’s work rather than them having to anxiously wait for a teacher to mark it to find out where they went ‘wrong’.
* There is no need for testing, grading or strict deadlines (until its time for those GCSEs!)
* What the children gain in knowledge and understanding is the reward for studying in a happy environment, rather than constantly seeking a teachers approval.
* The child’s energy is channelled into what they want to learn rather than what they HAVE to learn. * Children will have friends based on common interests and choice rather than being placed in the same age groups. There is more time for ‘socialising’ contrary to what lots of people think.  Lots of play dates, birthday party’s and sleepovers that often turn in to 2-3 day sleepovers …
* There are more opportunities for field trips, especially when kids are at school and everywhere is quiet, waiting to be explored. A lot of places now have special home educator rates. I shall be compiling a list in the future – watch this space!
* Going abroad at off peak times is another great perk! We love taking full advantage
* Morality and love will be more valued than money and status.
* Rather than waiting to grow up to explore their passions children can start right now
* Children are offered a more complete, rounded and adaptable education.
* They are free to be themselves and never have to change to ‘fit in’,  or hide who they really are.