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John Rappoport Interviews ex-vaccine researcher, Part 6

Disclaimer: Any information obtained here is not to be construed as medical OR legal advice. The decision to vaccinate and how you implement that decision is yours and yours alone.

Q: Let me ask you this. If you took a child in, say, Boston and you raised that child with good nutritious food and he exercised every day and he was loved by his parents, and he didn’t get the measles vaccine, what would be his health status compared with the average child in Boston who eats poorly and watches five hours of TV a day and gets the measles vaccine?

A: Of course there are many factors involved, but I would bet on the better health status for the first child. If he gets measles, if he gets it when he is nine, the chances are it will be much lighter than the measles the second child might get. I would bet on the first child every time.

Q: How long did you work with vaccines?

A: A long time. Longer than ten years.

Q: Looking back now, can you recall any good reason to say that vaccines are successful?

A: No, I can’t. If I had a child now, the last thing I would allow is vaccination. I would move out of the state if I had to. I would change the family name. I would disappear. With my family. I’m not saying it would come to that. There are ways to sidestep the system with grace, if you know how to act. There are exemptions you can declare, in every state, based on religious and/or philosophic views. But if push came to shove, I would go on the move.

Q: And yet there are children everywhere who do get vaccines and appear to be healthy.

A: The operative word is “appear.” What about all the children who can’t focus on their studies? What about the children who have tantrums from time to time? What about the children who are not quite in possession of all their mental faculties? I know there are many causes for these things, but vaccines are one cause. I would not take the chance. I see no reason to take the chance. And frankly, I see no reason to allow the government to have the last word. Government medicine is, from my experience, often a contradiction in terms. You get one or the other, but not both.

Q: So we come to the level playing field.

A: Yes. Allow those who want the vaccines to take them. Allow the dissidents to decline to take them. But, as I said earlier, there is no level playing field if the field is strewn with lies. And when babies are involved, you have parents making all the decisions. Those parents need a heavy dose of truth. What about the child I spoke of who died from the DPT shot? What information did his parents act on? I can tell you it was heavily weighted. It was not real information.

Q: Medical PR people, in concert with the press, scare the hell out of parents with dire scenarios about what will happen if their kids don’t get shots.

A: They make it seem a crime to refuse the vaccine. They equate it with bad parenting. You fight that with better information. It is always a challenge to buck the authorities. And only you can decide whether to do it. It is every person’s responsibility to make up his mind. The medical cartel likes that bet. It is betting that the fear will win.

Disclaimer: Any information obtained here is not to be construed as medical OR legal advice. The decision to vaccinate and how you implement that decision is yours and yours alone.

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From Dr Viera Scheibners Shaken Baby Syndrome: The Vaccination Link. Published in Nexus Magazine.

Flu Vaccine Unnecessary

Submitted by Sarah R

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: “Vaccines are the backbone of the entire Pharmaceutical Industry (…)
The vaccinated children become customers for life!”

In an ideal world, the flu vaccine would strengthen the immune system, preparing it to go into action should the real thing show up. It is meant to work well in young adults who are totally healthy and not likely to get ill.

The people targeted for vaccines are those who are immune comprised – pregnant women, babies, children and the elderly. True as it is that this group of people are more likely to get flu, they are also more in danger of reacting adversely to the flu jab. It is widely known that it is very common to develop flu after receiving a jab. The kids I know who have been vaccinated get ill so often, look pale, withdrawn and unhappy. Some are autistic, or have other neurological/digestive problems. They often have runny noses and are catching cold after cold, or illness after illness. Our 3 children, aged 10, 7 and 4 have NEVER been vaccinated. Neither was I or my brother when we were kids. Of course are children get ill occasionally, but we use homeopathic remedies. On the odd occasion we have used calpol. We aren’t against medical interventions IF and when necessary, but touch wood, this has never happened minus our eldest needing her knee stitched when she fell off some rocks she was climbing down the beach. When they are ill, tehy all deal with it really well and still somehow retain their ‘bounciness’.

Infants are developing an immune system and also a digestive system from birth. The connections between the immune and digestive system are significant. A child with digestive disturbances is likely to have problems with a proper immune response to a vaccine. This is due to the digestive system being lined with yeast and foreign bacteria. Half of this is to be found in the intestinal tract.

In the USA there is an asthma epidemic due to antibiotics being over prescribed by doctors. The result of this is an excess growth of Candida Albicans, producing highly inflammatory oxylipins that directly communicate with the human immune system confusing it and getting it ready for hyperactivity and the inability to recognise infection. When children like this are given a jab, it often contains the weakened virus and they have an exaggerated neurological response and do not display a proper immune defence. There are millions of kids who have received antibiotics and gone onto developing such digestive problems. A healthy digestive system is THE one important component for immune defence against the flu, no matter what age one is.

The flu vaccine is grown in chicken eggs and thus has the genetic material of the chickens nervous system, as an antigen in the vaccine. This goes into the human nervous system and is capable of causing an unsought inflammatory immune response. Additionally, adjuvant’s (an immunological agent that increases the antigenic response) are added to the vaccine to help increase the immune response to the weakened virus. These adjuvants are known to cause brain cells to go into an overly irritated state.

Therefore vaccines of any kind are degenerative and lay the foundations for excitotoxic brain damage and brain injury. Children who are missing antioxidant defence in their brains are those who will be harmed. Premature babies or babies mums who were overweight before pregnancy, had toxaemia or gestational diabetes are especially high risk for inflammatory nerve problems from vaccines. This is because of bad leptin – the brains principal antioxidant that guards against excitotoxic nerve damage – wiring in the babies brain during pregnancy.

As well as this the preservative Thimerosal, that is used in flu vaccines, contains mercury. This is a POTENT NERVE TOXIN. It is a proven fact that the more flu vaccines the elderly receive, the higher the onset of mental decline and Alzheimer’s. So what is it doing to our innocent children?

So as you can see flu vaccines bring an onslaught of neurological stress – adjuvants, chicken antigen, mercury and attenuated viruses, and there is always risk of contamination. When one has immunological and/or digestive problems risks are magnified.

Do flu vaccines work? Hardly ever is a vaccine a perfect match for the flu strain on its way round. Perhaps it gives a small boost, but the risks associated far outweigh this. The flu can quickly mutate within a day and escape any given vaccine. The best bet is to trust your own immune system which is perfectly capable of defending you.

With all the billions earned annually, by now there should be some solid extensive proof that flu vaccines actually provide a benefit. There is always some (flawed) study being promoted by health officials and the media, or brain washed celebrities. The only proof there is, is the more immunisations a person is administered with, the worse their immune system works as they get older. All those false alarms create way too many T-memory cells that don’t want to work. Also, where are all teh studies on those who have never been vaccinated? why aren’t these being conducted? what are they trying to hide?

Undoubtedly, the propaganda for the general public to receive flu shots will once again be in full swing this year. They try and get us with the fear factor. However the fear is misplaced – it should be of the flu shot itself. Public health is hardly ever in the best interest of any one person. The focus should be on strengthening our immune system naturally and helping our children to do the same. There are NO short cuts to a healthy immune system, dietary, physically or mentally wise.

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