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Unschooling reflects current cognitive research

I just came across this article: Be My Guest: Unschooling Reflects Current Cognitive Research. An amazing read, especially after posting this yesterday – Dayna Martin, Unschooling. I’m not one for labeling, but the past couple of days I keep coming across teh term ‘Unschooling’ again and it’s definitely us!

The term ‘unschooling’ for some conjures up images of kids sitting on their butt doing nothing all day. But this is far from true. It’s all about respecting our childrens individuality, what drives them, what they are ‘into’. Not just respecting them, but also trusting them to evolve, to keep becoming more of themselves as time passes and that they will be and do ‘just fine’, if not better. And time goes so quickly. When Inky was born, it seemed a life time away that she would ever turn 10. Remember them sleepless nights with your first baby when its all new to you and you think it will never end, the nappies will never end, the teething, the tidying, the role playing etc… When Inkys little brother arrived 22 months ago life took on yet more meaning, and different meaning. My little Inky was 8 and no longer seemed quite so little anymore. Her hand suddenly felt so much bigger in mine and she looked taller…  I thought 8 more years and she’ll be 16… not long until she’s a young adult. Now she’s 10 and she did try out school for 6 weeks last year at her request – she soon got bored by it all and came back out.  She has always been given a pretty free rein over her own life. I do sometimes sign her up for new things she’s never tried, but if she doesn’t like it that’s fine too. Like recently I signed her up for a 10 week home ed multiplication course. 7 weeks in she’s still not getting it and the thought of going there suddenly terrifies her, so today i said we wont be going anymore.  She looked like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. So she doesnt get math right now, so what. When the student is ready…. Shes amazing at so many other things… the things Inky loves are art (you should see her art hung up around the home), reading (2-3 books a week, like Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, David Walliams, J.K. Rowling), writing her own stories and keeping a diary, history (we go to home ed history group which one of the home ed mums runs and she LOVES it. Horrible Histories is used a lot, and they are going to see HH live in theatre at the end of November) , science (every other week with a home ed science professor mum in a group of 8, science experiments at home and plenty of Brian Cox as well as regular visits to the science museum in London, the planetarium in Winchester and Chichester) , trampolining, horse riding, gymnastics, being out in nature, nature documentaries, minecraft, LOTS of sleepovers and playdates with home ed and non home ed kids, nail varnish, lip gloss and watching movies. Oh, and as I’m actually German we are a bilingual family. That doesn’t cover everything we do, but its a start 🙂

In closing, I am not against schools, I’m just against kids being unhappy and not being able to reach their full potential if they aren’t happy. I’m pro-choice and believe all options should be open to children and parents,  as well as all avenues of learning. EveryOne is a unique individual and one size does NOT fit all. It is really the responsibilty of ALL adults to help create happy children, because then they will become happy fulfilled adults who in turn will treat THEIR children as they have been treated and in a few generations the planet could be full of happy people 🙂


Dayna Martin, Unschooling

Just came across the youtube videos below I saved years ago on my laptop about unschooling, when I was trying to find out more about the world of home ed. When Inky was born I knew I’d never send her to school. Unless she asked, and she did, at age 8, to which I had to reluctantly agree. In my mind I kept telling myself that we were still home educators and that this was just part of home educating, trying something new. That as a pretty unschooly family I was just doing what I always done, meeting her needs. It was a comfort to know that it was INKYs choice to be there and she knew she could ‘come home’ any time… Luckily it was just a phase lasting for 6 weeks because she got utterly bored and fed up with it and came home saying she wanted out 🙂 I  de-registered her the next day.

These videos are by Dayna Martin – ‘Unschooling is delight driven learning. Its not uneducating, it’s a total different form and belief of how children learn. Based on the belief that children learn best when internally motivated – the key to learning and succeeding in life. The idea that not everybody is meant to do the same thing in life. Everybody is so different and thinking that everyone needs the same curriculum to succeed is really not true at all.’

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You can subscribe to Dayna’s videos on youtube. What an amazing woman!

DAYNAS WEBSITE – www.unschoolingamerica.com