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Luna Adventures and the Luna Project – wilderness guiding company in Ontario

Have you heard of this amazing project in Canada before? Or maybe you have been there already? Tell us about your experience in the comments 🙂 I haven’t been, but this sounds totally amazing to me.

LUNA Adventures offers fully guided and outfitted Canadian Wilderness Expeditions no matter what your level of experience. Whether you’re new to wilderness hiking, or you’re an experienced white water paddler, Luna adventures are your one stop adventure outfitter.

Alternative learning center
Wilderness guiding company
Safe, informative, enjoyable
From canoeing to snowshoeing
Guides with skills and the necessary knowledge
Situated in southern Ontario
Part of the rural community of St. George
Major city centers of Brantford, Cambridge and Hamilton are close by … the list is endless.

The LUNA Project is a working model of low impact sustainable Living – examples of solar and wind energy, water conservation, organic farming, and natural habitat restoration. All awaiting your discovery.

To make the most of your wilderness adventure, you will be supported by guides who supply the necessary skills and knowledge and who give you the confidence to make the most out of your wilderness adventure. There will also be opportunities where you can develop and maybe even reflect on your values and there is also a chance for you to experience how you might be able to take an active role in creating a healthier environment for our future generations. Trips are available for kids, families, groups and schools.

Also check out the website for workshops and events –

The LUNA Series is a collection of programs and workshops offered by passionate, skilled, instructors to help sooth your body mind and soul. It’s our hope and desire that this series will help to bond together a strong community of like minded individuals, who are passionate to create a positive change in our world, and within themselves. Utilizing the unique calming environment that LUNA provides, all workshops will take place in the forests, meadows and yurts on-site.

Do you want to go there right now? Then click here for more info → www.lunaticadventures.com

Canadian School Board Made to Change Website After Being Caught Inviting Kids to Experiment Sexually with Vegetables

This is a rather old article i am posting on here, but I just have to to show how immoral and disgusting schools can be – School Board Forced to change website . It makes me feel ill at ease, and glad that my daughter doesn’t go to school. This is a school board, a perverted school board. We all know how much more liberal the world has become in recent years, but there HAS TO be a limit somewhere. Anything that taints a childs innocence and takes away their precious childhood should not happen. This is a childs given right. Do these people have kids themselves? If they do have kids how can they live with themselves? Do they have no morals? Are the kids best interests really in their hearts? No way. They are molding these youngsters.  Kids spend more time in schools (its like having a 5 day a week job! one of my pet dislikes is when people say ‘but they have to go to school to prepare them for work in later life. what a load of tosh) than at home. Schools are so influential on children’s lives. Of course parents have an input, but they pick up so many negative things from school, coupled with peer pressure… its not rocket science to see that there is something seriously wrong with what is happening in Canada. If you read the full article you will see that there are other sick things going on in Canada with schools.