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Ngala Private Game Reserve, Kruger National Park, South Africa

This private game reserve was the first to be incorporated into the globally renowned Kruger National Park. An incomparable, unforgettable experience of the Big 5 and lots of other African species awaits you. If you weren’t in the know, the big 5 are – the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo – although it’s not easy to see them all – in particular the leopard as they are nocturnal, secretive and well camouflaged creatures. However, just being in the bush and seeing tiny animals like ants and frogs interact, and learning about the relationship between them, can be even more exciting than a procession of lions and elephants. This means that even if you miss out on one or two of the big guys, you’ll still have a great time.

There are 3 type of accommodation available for you to enjoy your preferred choice of exploring and discovering the area.

* See the wild at night with an adventure packed game drive under the stars, tracking cheetah and the African wild dog.

* The main lodge encompasses 20 romantic chalets and a Safari Suite with its own lounge and dining area, bathroom and glass walled shower which overlooks the river. On top of this, a large pool and a private 4×4 safari vehicle and ranger are at your service. Pan-African feasts are dished up in the candle or lantern lit boma or courtyard.

* 6 luxury tented suites with bathrooms, outdoor showers and lap pools reflecting the seasonal Timbavati River.

* To experience a rare intimacy with the wilderness, the Walking Safari Camp with its 4 roomy en suite tents is a truly amazing, awe-inspiring experience.

Ngala game lodgeNgala Thatched Chalet


– Swimming Pool
– Game Drives
– Luxury Accomodation and Facilities
– Child Friendly


– 2 Daily Game Drives
– African Big (and little) Game
– Bush walking


Location – set in 14,700 hectares in the Timbavati region of the Kruger National Park with self-drive and scheduled air access.

Ngala Game Reserve — Kruger National Park, South Africa 

London Zoo, ZSL

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL), is a charity devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats. The scientists in the laboratory and the field, animal management teams at both zoos and the veterinarians contribute wide-ranging skills and experience to both practical conservation and to the scientific research that underpins this work. London Zoo is teh worlds oldest scientific zoo – it was opened in April 1828, but not to teh public until almost 20 years later. ZSL also manages Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable, Bedfordshire – this is a much larger zoo!

I must admit that I really am not a big fan of zoos. I did however end up visiting London Zoo with my Dad and Inky when she was 3 or 4 (she is now 10) and feeling a bit of a hypocrite – I spent some of my time feeling sorry for the animals and hating myself for even agreeing to have come here lol. The animals – some looked happy, others looked trapped and bored. Anyway, we hopped on the train from somewhere in West Sussex and ended up in the Zoo. Luckily we had a buy one get one free entry voucher which we picked up on the train, because considering the PRICES (when we went entry was £17 an adult, so its not increased that much in the last 6/7 years), the zoo is pretty small and there isn’t as much to see as one might think.  I must also admit that I found some of the enclosures too small, especially the African Wild Dog one 🙁 I am hoping since visiting that things have improved. I was however pleasantly surprised though how green and beautiful the area surrounding London Zoo was, the canal was something to look at with all the colourful barge boats and wild flowers growing on the banks. How far removed from the city it seemed! Regents park is so close that we walked through here after the zoo to the station we needed and I was more amazed at the beauty of the park than I was at the Zoo… Inky had an amazing time at the zoo, I hasten to add, i’m sure most children will love it. Though now Inky is older she isn’t overly keen on zoos because she feel like I do that animals should live in their natural habitats.


this video is from 2012, when you read peoples comments on youtube, some like the Zoo, some don’t… if you fancy going go for it, you might be one of teh ones who likes it 😉