Building a home library…. and using the local library….

It is important for children to own some books of their own and also for you to build up your own home library. Children will always have a book or several that become treasured possessions. Often these are then passed on to their own babies in years to come. There is certainly a tradition of that in our little family 🙂 Books are available for burchase in numerous places. Bookshops, on-line, charity shops, supermarkets, toyshops, garages, at discounted rates from book clubs, newsagents even and libraries sometimes have book sales (we have bought many acheap book from out local library)…. Obviously make the most of your local library whilst it is still there to borrow books too. Also – libraries aren’t how they used to be. They are a lot more family friendly now and even run toddler sessions, holiday sessions (check out what your local library has on offer) and it is OK to be a little noisy there now. Children are never too young to join the library and it is good for children to learn how to look after books, leaving them in good condition for other children to borrow and enjoy too. However – libraries do understand that sometimes accidents happen so don’t worry if a book gets damaged in some way. It will be fine, just fess up when returning teh book to the library….

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Books truly do make wonderful gifts – they don’t just provide a few minutes pleasure, they ofen become a childs favourite pass time and will be used over and over again.

Enjoying books is the most important part of learning to read. Any amount of time sharing a book with your child is time well spent ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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