Taking books out and about

Books are lovely and fun. They can help your child learn lots of new skills and words. There’s no need to save them just for bedtime, take them out with you on journeys. Make time to share stories and sing songs and rhymes throughout the day. You can take books with you in the car. Obviously you won’t be reading them whilst driving, 😉  but your child can leaf trhough the pages and may start talking about the story. If you are both familiar with this story, try and and get your littlie to re-tell the story with prompts from you. If you have other children, they can read stories in the back together. It’s a great way to make the time pass for impatient little travelers, and also keeps them brain cells nourished for all involved. You could also make up new stories for your favourite characters. Or stories with your own made up characters. I loved making up stories for our now almost 11 year old. She still loves listening to them – and now our 2 and a half year old also enjoys these stories….. Take CDs / tapes (if you still have a tape player) with nursery rhymes, Audiobooks and favourite music. Sing along and enjoy these wonderful moments with your child(ren). The amount of times I used to have to put a certain nursery song or songs in general on repeat….. I wouldn’t change it for the world 🙂

Audiotapes/ Audio CDs are also nice to listen to together at home, anytime of day, whenever your child fancies it. We have a tape player and CD player. Even to this day we pick up audiotapes in charity shops for really cheap. A good place to go audiotape hunting 🙂 We also have a tape player in the car.

If you are using public transport, books are always a good thing  to take along and you can do teh same as above, but you can actually look at teh book(s) together. Books are also good when going to a cafe, restaurant, shopping etc.


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