Remembering and joining in with stories

Remembering stories or events, no matter how minute or big, or how small and insignificant these may seem to us, are an important way for children to build a sense of there own identity and of how they fit into their family and environment. Books can help them understand where they fit into the world. Use the stories your read together with your child to relate to your own experiences…

” Look at this dog – does she look like Grandmas Shadow? Shadow is such a good dog and we love having him over for the day sometimes when Grandma goes to work and we go out for long walks in the woods or beach”

Point to a picture of a girl :

” Look at the little girl – she looks a bit like ….. (insert older sisters name if they have one) doesn’t she? Doing cartwheels like that.”


” Look at that boy! He’s playing football just like ….. (insert older brothers namehere, or if no older brother you could say just say like daddy/grandad used to when they were little).”


” Look! It’s farm animals like the farm we visited today/last week etc”

Sometimes children like to add to the story or make up their own. You could ask them

” I wonder what will happen next.” or “What do you think will happen next?”

or point to a character and say

” What do you think about him/her?”

This will give them the chance to come up with their own ideas, or prompt them to voice ideas that had already been forming and use their imagination. Wait an appropriate amount of time to give them time to answer. If they don’t come up with anything, that is OK too. Next time 🙂 ALSO – it DOESN’T matter if they interrupt the  story with their own ideas. It’s all part of the fun and shows they are not only using their imagination, they are also gaining confidence in themselves and their ability to join in. With our eldest I used to write down her made up stories and do little illustrations. They are so sweet to read now 🙂

One last thing – don’t forget to praise their efforts.  Marvel in your childs development 🙂


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