Negative aspects of home educating made positive

* What if you feel you don’t have enough patience? You grow with your responsibilities. By overcoming hurdles your patience grows. Patience is developed if you willingly take an opportunity that requires it. You may be pleasantly surprised how much patience you have and develop when it comes down to it. You are learning with your child, maybe this is part of your journey too, to develop patience! As Geshe Kelsang Gyatso once said ‘We should remember that every opportunity to develop anger is also an opportunity to develop patience’

* You may feel insufficiently educated to teach your child. if that’s how you really feel…Great! You can learn along with them. There are so many sources of help and information available when wanting to home educate that this IS NOT a problem. Numerous studies have been undertaken proving over and over that home schooling success is NOT dependent on the parents level of education. Besides, if you feel school left you incapable of ‘educating’ your own child, why put them in to the same system?!

* You may like your job and hesitant of giving it up. What is more important right now, your children or your job? Working can wait, your children cant. What ever you decide to do on a daily basis is already having a big impact on them, positive or negative. You don’t hear old people saying that they regret not spending enough time at a job, they are far more likely to say they wish they had spent more time with their children/family/friends even! You could cut down on hours, try work from home and if you are a 2 income family see if one salary could be enough. I have read many articles in magazines, in newspapers and on personal blogs or shared success stories about this. Watch this space for more….

Home schooling: if a child gets bored at school, blame the system

* You may say you don’t have time. When you home school you in fact create more time to do things than before! A lot of families find they end up living simpler lives. They find there is less pressure to keep up with society. There is more time for the family.

* What about if you like your space? Sometimes to be a good parent we need to weigh up the options, and decide what is best. You will have time for yourself. Younger children have naps during the day, as well as play time. Older children learn to respect that you need some time off. When the children are in bed then you have some space too. As children get older, they will have sleepovers with relatives and their friends, time with them is so precious and they grow up so quick – one day they’ll be asking to stay out for the night or longer. Then their first holiday away alone and one day moving out… make the most of their childhood and do what makes them, and you, happy. If they are thriving and happy in school, excellent. But if they are unhappy at least you know there is a choice.

PART II: Negative aspects of home educating made positive PART II

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