Considering Home Schooling

Parents take into consideration many things and have many questions and doubts when making the decision to home school. Some answers are found within themselves and some can be answered by a corresponding school or by LEA. Here are a few of the concerns a parent may have when they are considering home schooling.

You may be wondering if you need a University degree to teach at home? The answer is no, you don’t have to be a college graduate to teach your child at home. Then you may be thinking, what do I teach my child? You can be as structured or unstructured as you like, whatever suits you best.  You DO NOT need to follow the curriculum.

If they are aware of you, (registering is NOT mandatory) LEA, the Local Education Authority may ask to come by and see that the child is receiving a suitable education for their age. If you do not feel comfortable with letting them in your home, you can request to meet at an alternate venue, or  just send in a sample of your child’s work/or just a written report via email. In rare cases if they feel a child is not receiving a suitable education, then they can send them back to school.

Parents do worry that whilst home schooling may be great for education, it can actually stunt a child socially. This is not true, unless you live in a very isolated area. We’ve had no problem making many home ed friends. If you choose to home school, then enroll your child in things like swimming lessons, gymnastics, ballet, dance, home ed groups (look online!) play groups, scouts, girl guides, or take them to parks or other town social events so they can meet other children. Arrange play days, sleepovers anything that will help your child socially. On line there are web sites with forums where you can discuss home schooling and even meet parents who home school their children and get together with them.

How do you know that home schooling is right for your child

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