Sand Cliffs in the Sun and Snow

FROM March 2013 – Moved over from old website for memories sake ….

We went to one of our favourite new haunts a couple days ago. Roughly a half hour drive away there are some awesome sand cliffs/dunes/hills backed by ancient woodland and the local brooks. We had the most glorious weather for a change and around 7 home ed families turned up. Some we hadn’t seen for a couple years, ‘twas lovely catching up in the genuinely warm sunshine, with the kids running around barefooted. So relaxing and chilled, listening to them happily playing made up games and sometimes arguing but generally sorting it out amongst themselves with minimal adult intervention 😉 and making as much noise as they wanted to out in the open. Made me think how lucky they were to not be in a classroom, looking out at the sunshine, wanting to go out but not being able to. Another plus of home ed is we are able to get out in the sunshine when we are lucky enough to be graced with her presence. Especially as we only seem to have had 1 or 2 sunny days a month over the winter season!

Our first visit just 2 weeks ago, it was lightly snowing and f-reezing! Inky ended up crying cos she was so cold, although we tried warming up around a fire-bowl my friend brought along

rackham etc 018

Our most recent visit

rackham etc 037


Summer camping at the stables

The New Arrival – nope, not a baby, a hamster…

HES FES 2012 Day 1 – New Arrivals

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