The New Arrival – nope, not a baby, a hamster…

I wrote this several years ago for my old website and have put it on here for memorys sake 🙂

10 days ago we had a new arrival joining our family, some-thing (or some-one) Inky has had on her wish list a very long time… a cute white and ginger hamster called ‘Crackers’, soon to be renamed ‘Doorman’, after a secret agent guinea pig from a movie called ‘G-force’(great movie not just for the kids!). I must say for his size Doorman has brought huge amounts of happiness in to our lives already! Inkys friends and little cousin Billy love him so much, and they play with him for hours. Which is why I think he’s quiet at night, lol. We got given him by my Sams’ brothers’ girlfriend, she’d had him for a year but asked if Inky wanted him (she didn’t get him out that much). He doesn’t bite, he loves being handled and he’s sweet natured. As well as giving him lots of strokes and cuddles, Inky and Co. love building him make shift homes – which is all well and good apart from an incident which occurred yesterday (20.02.13). My cousin turned up to visit in the evening, Inky and her friend had made Doorman a ‘home’ in a zippy carry case with a mesh front lined with toilet paper and a couple of loo rolls. So Inky in her excitement put the bag next to the cage without putting the hamster back in there like I had asked her to. When I went to move the carry case 5 miuntes later it was empty. Doorman was gone and Inky was upset, I was upset, and we couldn’t find him anywhere in spite of shining the torch behind every cupboard and under every shelf whilst wishing upon every star that we’d find him and that Inky wouldn’t be brokenhearted, which in turn would partially break mine. Though we didnt find him, I was expecting Sam round for dinner real soon and I had an inkling he’d be our hero, which stopped me from bursting in to tears. I was right. He almost instantly found him behind the freezer, in his calm, level-headed way.  We were so relieved!! Panic over. Never again. Hopefully!! The funny thing was Doorman had dragged a soft toy behind the freezer and a sock and had set up home.


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