School girl beaten by gang of girls


A horrifying attack left 14-year-old girl (Bethany Gallimore, from Cheshire) bruised and battered after a gang of fourteen set upon her and punched and kicked her head repeatedly. 

Bethany (bullied since year 7) said ‘I’ve had to move schools before because of bullying and I want people to see the impact of their actions.

‘I don’t usually walk that way. I was walking down the road and saw a large group of people in the distance, at the other end of the road.

‘All of a sudden, they started running towards me and crowded around me saying that I was ugly and fat, and that they hoped I would drop dead.

  • Bethany Gallimore, 14, was set upon by a gang of 14 in unprovoked attack
  • Gang members spat on her while pulling her hair and kicking her head
  • Traumatised teenager was left bruised, battered and in hospital 
  • Vicious bullies are egged on by crowed of girls who posted video of the attack on Facebook
  • Bethany has decided to speak out to raise awareness of bullying 

I am lost for words. I feel for Bethany. I feel for her parents. If that happened to my daughter, I don’t know how I’d react if I came across the teenagers responsible for this vicious nasty attack… put it this way, I’m quite the mama bear. I myself was bullied at secondary school by a group of nasty girls for 4 years. It all started when I got a horse and a good friend of mine got extremely jealous and in that way that some girls unfortunately can behave (downright bitch) turned a load of her ‘popular’ friends against me. My mum or Dad or another relative /family friend had to pick me up pretty much every day from school because the girls would  be waiting for me after school. Luckily it was only ever verbal abuse, because there were many of them. But it still hurt. I didnt understand the nasty bitchiness, because I wasn’t like that. On teh odd day I did have to walk home I’d grab my best buddy Leanne and get the hell out of the school gates ASAP, always hoping we could leave as soon as the bell rang.  Its horrid living in fear for 4 years. I wonder if her parents are aware of home education? Mine weren’t. Our daughter would be going to secondary school this year September. So glad she isn’t. I know too many fellow home edders who have had to take their children out of school because they were bullied.

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