The World is Her Classroom

THE WORLD REALLY IS OUR CLASSROOM…AND LIFE IS OUR TEACHER… Not bound by a school or classroom or desk, Alexx in the featured video, like other home-schooled kids, learns all the time, anywhere and everywhere! Short but sweet, loved the ending 🙂 Unless of course home ed kids, like our own daughter, want to try school. This happened when Inky was 8. She only lasted 6 weeks however. School had nothing new let alone stimulating to offer her. The last comment posted below the video on youtube (posted by the lady who originally uploaded teh video in 2007) is 4 years old and reads:

‘The young lady in the video is now in college, has been attending part time for threee years, has a 3.8 gpa, and is applying to four year colleges. Homeschool does not negate schooling in a classroom. And who said this was a race to win? You win if you are happy and productive, in whatever way those words have meaning for you. You can be happy and productive and go to school, or be happy and productive and learn at home. It’s all good. ‘

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